Why You Should Upskill Your Workforce

If you want people to trust an organization, you have to trust them back....

Denise was happy to be interviewed for this article on the importance of upskilling your workforce. Here are a few quotes below. To read the full article, click here.

What Holds Companies Back From Upskilling?

Despite these encouraging statistics, only 35 percent of employers have an official upskilling/reskilling program in place, according to the TalentLMS study. One of the biggest reasons for that small number? Fear, says Graziano. (Source: https://talentlms.com)**

“People in leadership think if we give these people the training, then they are going to go and take it to another job.” The PwC Talent Trends 2020 report backs that up, with 30 percent of CEOs reporting retention of upskilled employees as their top challenge with upskilling efforts.

But “if you want people to trust an organization, you have to trust them back,” says Graziano, “and that means investing in their career. [People] want to know they have a place to advance. That is what upskilling shows. Investing in them gives them that much more reason to stay.”

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