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Fox Business News

Charles Payne interviews Denise Graziano about the economic and human capital impact of cancel culture in business.

Pitfalls of the Hybrid Workplace

Proximity bias is a pitfall of the hybrid workplace that can disenfranchise employees and disrupt healthy teams.

Power of Actionable People Data

With the right actionable data, you can make more impactful decisions about your team. Watch more about how predictive analytics can help.

EASY Workforce Think Tank

Denise Graziano’s session on blind spots of returning to the office and the hybrid workplace“

2021 Demo Reel

Denise Graziano – “The Dream Team Builder

What Drives Us

What drives us is helping you create talent and communication strategies that drive your business results.

Anatomy of a Dream Team

Dream teams don’t have to be elusive. Understand your strengths as a leader, the dynamics of your team, and how they match up against your business goals.

SHRM Speaker Series

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor and Denise Graziano

Ensuring Diversity & Inclusion Are Present

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor and Denise Graziano discuss how to ensure Diversity & Inclusion are present in companies.

Changing Organization Policy on D&I

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor and Denise Graziano discuss educating leaders on diversity, equity and inclusion, D, E & I.

Diversity and Inclusion During Reintegration

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor and Denise Graziano discuss Diversity and Inclusion during Reintegration.

Inclusivity in the Workplace

Denise Graziano & SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor discuss Inclusivity in the Workplace along with Anton Gunn.

2021 Report

State of Talent Optimization

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