Denise Graziano
“For 30+ years I’ve studied what motivates and drives both employees and customers, so you can have the greatest impact with both.”

How not to lose competitive ground.

Avoid pitfalls and how not to lose competitive ground during return to office and hybrid transitions. Denise Graziano outlines one aspect of the top 3 blind spots that should concern leaders and boards in 2021.

Teams, Predictive Data & the Hybrid Workplace

Denise Graziano discusses the power of teams, predictive people data & cautions in the hybrid workplace

2021 Demo Reel

Denise Graziano – “The Dream Team Builder

Denise speaks and advises leaders internationally about building winning teams. She speaks in keynote, breakout, workshop and other formats. Here are some recent topics:

  • Leadership
  • Economic & Human Capital Impact of Cancel Culture in Business
  • Workplace issues & culture
  • HR technology and analytics
  • Communication