Some examples of when our clients call on us:

To Improve
Customer Experience

  • Assess how they may be driving customers away (churn).

  • Win back important clients lost to a competitor.

  • Improve customer service & conflict resolution.

  • Boost customer loyalty and create brand ambassadors.

  • Expand into a new vertical or launch a new product/service.

  • Re-engage inactive clients or customers.

  • Turn upcoming major event or trade show presences into revenue generators.

  • Communicate and engage better – marketing collateral/content/video.

To Improve
Employee Experience

  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Promote or hire many new managers.

  • Address employee climate survey results that have suffered.

  • Assess why senior top performers have been lost to competitors.

  • Correct non-compliance with critical company procedures.

  • Acquire or merge with another company or during other rapid growth.

  • Recognize individual employees or formulate an incentive or rewards program.

How we get results for clients, via:

  • Internal/External Corporate Communications.

  • Sales & Marketing Materials.

  • Promotional Products and/or Apparel.

  • Event/Trade Show Consulting.

  • Employee Engagement to reward and retain top talent.

  • Client Appreciation Programs to drive retention and loyalty.

  • Social Media Consulting to build engagement and visibilty.

  • Sales Training for a consistently delivered message.

  • Award and Recognition Products: for clients, vendors and/or employees.

  • Video Development: video content to engage audiences.

  • Web Design Consulting: for content, messaging and visual consistency.