Use Omnichannels To Provide Positive CX

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Do you offer clients multiple ways to contact you? Hopefully in today’s instant gratification atmosphere, the answer is yes. How quickly and effectively you respond over these different communication channels has a definite impact on the Customer Experience.

The article below recommends thinking about communication channels strategically — think where you want to guide clients to deal with issues and make sure you have the support in place to address them effectively. Clients often gravitate toward the channel with the shortest wait time when there is a pressing issue.

Also, ideally your communication channels work seamlessly with each other so that a question begun on chat can be further answered by phone without the client having to repeat all the information they’ve just given. Offering that level of seamless service no doubt impresses clients when they get it, and frustrates them when they don’t.

For more details on omnichannels and CX, click the full article below: