Denise Graziano

A trusted advisor to the C-suite for decades, Denise Graziano truly cares about helping companies differentiate and gain competitive advantage in their market, by leveraging the power of positive employee and customer experiences.  

Companies and high-level leaders often don’t realize the challenges and impressions they’re presenting to their team members and customers. Miscommunication, lack of clarity, and feedback not being heard, valued, or understood can start to disrupt productivity and trust.  

Denise helps companies see how their interactions internally with employees and externally with customers could be sabotaging their growth and how to correct it, and she would love to help your audience overcome this problem too.

Communicate Like a Leader and Win —
The Key to Growth, Gaining Trust, and Dominating Your Market

Leaders, ask yourself:
Do your employees share your passion for the company vision, mission and message? And does their work reflect that?

Are your insights and data revealing growth opportunities, AND exposing revenue leaks?

Does employee/customer feedback reflect a high level of trust with leadership and the company?

If you answered ‘no’ to any question, You may be sabotaging your own efforts for growth and gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Disruptors in business do not maintain the status quo. They look for reasons and opportunities to shine for their customers, which in turn makes the company
outshine their competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keys to creating a team that “roars onto the playing field” for you, to serve your customers with fervor and commitment that distances you from the competition.
  • How to communicate with employees to vitalize the workforce and foster brand ambassadorship from the inside of the company.
  • Flawed data and KPI cannot help make strategic decisions. Learn essential areas to monitor for revenue leaks, and growth opportunities

Customer Loyalty

Connecting the dots between CX and EX. Two main causes of failure of an otherwise well-considered customer loyalty program are communication and leadership, especially where the two intersect.

Key Takeaways:

  • How failures in communication or leadership can have a negative impact on customer loyalty programs.
  • How leadership can derail or drive employee engagement
  • Strategies to improve engagement and retention
  • The economic impact: brand, culture, revenue.

Denise Graziano is a leading authority in helping mid-market companies to improve customer and employee experience. A strategic thinker and leader with 30 years of business experience, Denise is a speaker and author of numerous articles and resources on customer experience, employee experience, client retention, sales, and trade show practices. She is CEO of Graziano Associates, which helps companies improve and capitalize on customer and employee interactions — to deepen loyalty, improve engagement, and support sustainable growth.

Denise is a high energy, innovative leader and speaker. She enjoys sharing actionable insights and motivating company leaders on the revenue, retention and brand image significance of customer and employee experience. She presents and distills complex topics in a practical, relatable manner, designed to help generate results for her audiences and clients.

Denise speaks nationwide and delivers presentations in any format: Keynote, Breakout, Workshop, Executive Roundtable.