High end professional health services company wanted to improve its presence and market share in an upscale location that had not been meeting expectations.

GA assessed the geographic market, interviewed the principals and reviewed the existing marketing materials. Using focus groups, GA identified the disconnect between the clients’ perception and overwhelming appreciation for the unique services and results by these healthcare professionals. GA wrote new sales and marketing copy that was distilled to be more relatable to the prospective market. GA facilitated connections in the geographic market that would be more aligned with gaining visibility with the ideal client base there. GA created a list of strategic partners for the client to use as other methods of increasing visibility and traction with the market. GA conducted sales training for the employees with the new messaging so that they were able to communicate more naturally with prospects and clients and help increase referrals.

GA used a multi faceted approach to achieve results that enabled the client to more than double their location size in their original space, messaging is clearer, employees are more comfortable delivering the complex information in a relatable format to prospects and clients.